Lickety Split

By C.W. Potter, SoCal Raft Guide

When we get to the put in,
the first thing we do is unload the boats
and pass the paddles from me to you.
Once we get to the water we all load up
and go through Little Mama,
and hope we don’t get stuck.
We get to beaver pond
Everyone ready?
Paddles up
we enter the beginning of the rapid river left
we float to the right
then left and
we all get wet
So now we made it down
Everybody scream and shout
Everybody having fun
But don’t forget to eddie out
Man, I love rafting
A fun way to make a buck
But don’t go down straight shot left
or you’ll get stuck
We get to Freight Train
Man it’s really loud
And if we hit jackpot rock just right
I’d make my guide trainer proud
Then we get to Ewings
It’s the money shot
If we hit it just right
we could surf at spill over rock
We get to the take out at the end of our run
don’t forget to tip your guide
if you had a lot of fun